About Us

My name is Slim. I’m a musician, designer, writer, and professional fat guy.

I never practiced Lent, but decided to observe it this year. Being a food writer and self-proclaimed foodie, food is very dear to my heart.

As I thought about what food I love most, I realized I’m in love with meat (I know I said, “I’m in love with meat,” but to be clear, I actually mean it). After this revelation, I knew I had to give up the one thing that I love most. Well, the thing I love most that isn’t my wife.

Joining my sweet bride, Laura, we embarked on a journey to spend those next forty days without eating meat. It was hard. But in the end, we made it all forty days without a single slip-up.

Then we thought, “What else could we give up?” And thus, “The Next Forty Days” was born. We mapped out the rest of the year in forty-day increments and are on a journey to push ourselves to sacrifice in one way or another to make life better. Join us as we make this journey or start your own and see if YOU can make it through The Next Forty Days.

Connect with me:
Instagram: Slimtronic5k
Kik: Slimtronic5k
Email: slim@thenextfortydays.com

I am Laura and I am so excited to take this journey for the Next Forty Days!

I am a lover. I love hard. I love God. I love Slim and I really love new adventures.

Life as Slim’s wife is full of those crazy adventures.

He is a dreamer and is always coming up with new and exciting ways that we can better ourselves and help others. I have always been the realist with the more contemplative personality. He is the free spirit who comes up with lots of ideas and dreams way bigger!

Out of his dreaming the Next Forty Days was birthed.

What is 40 days?

It is not a long-term commitment, but it is enough time to push you. It might be a physical push. It might be a financial push. It will always be an emotional push.

Let’s take this adventure together to make this world just a bit brighter… let’s make life better!

Connect with me:
Instagram: lobeth11
Email: laura@thenextfortydays.com