June 6 – July 15, 2014

Raw Food Challenge

Because of my never-ending struggle with treating food as a treat, toy, or object of obsession instead of a source of fuel, a friend challenged me to eat nothing but raw foods (nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, and the occasional sashimi because who doesn’t love a  good loophole?) for our first challenge of Season 3.

July 16 – August 25, 2014

40-Days of Family

While we’re fortunate to live close to some of our families, the majority live further away from us. For this challenge, we will spend 40 days really focusing on connecting with our family locally, nationally, and those overseas.

August 26 – October 5, 2014

“Watch Your Mouth” Challenge

It’s easy for us as humans to want to whine or complain about situations, or to belittle , talk down to, or speak ill of others or simply to be negative. Fot this challenge, we will refrain from saying anything negative to  or about someone or something. For each infraction, $1 will go into a jar. Additionally, we’ll mimic a previous challenge and Slim will refrain from cursing as well. How much money makes it into the jar at the end of the challenge will determine what is done with those funds.

October 6 – November 15, 2014

The 40-Day Food Drive

For this challenge, we will be partnering with Ben Miller of Donate My Weight and the Harry Chapin Food Bank of SWFL to help bring awareness to the need in local food shelters and pantries all while collecting and distributing food to distribute to local food banks.

November 16 – December 26, 2014

Acts of Kindness

For this 40-day challenge, we’ll be reaching out to others to do something kind for them. This could be as little as holding doors open, returning carts at the grocery, and complimenting them, to as big as helping to buy groceries, providing Thanksgiving dinner to those less fortunate, or buying Christmas gifts for those in need.

Last year we did AMAZING things with this challenge, and we’re expecting to be even bigger this year!

December 27, 2014 – February 5, 2015

The 40-Day Ride

I’ve always loved riding a bike, although I’ve not really been able to do it for many years. For this challenge, we will be taking daily strolls on our bikes and training for a 40-mile bike ride at the end of the challenge.

February 6 – March 18, 2015

40-Days of New Recipes

It is easy to get stuck in a rut of routine, especially when feeding ourselves. Perhaps it’s part of why I go off the rails every now and then: because my body is starving for something different! For this challenge, we’ll be trying new recipes every day without repeating any! This challenge is two-fold as it will force us to not dine out for 40-days either!

March 19 – April 27, 2015


We actually can’t tell you what this challenge will be, but rest assured that it will be AWESOME! We will announce the challenge as well as the details as soon as we can though.

April 28 – June 7, 2015

The Bucket List Challenge

What was supposed to be the last challenge of Season 2 was moved to Season 3 following a relapse in my eating and lifestyle. For this challenge we will spend 40-days crossing as many things off of our bucket list as possible.

June 8 – July 18, 2015

The 40-Day Documentary

We will keep our cameras rolling throughout this entire season try to capture as much of our lives and journey as possible and will spend 40-days editing a short documentary together about our journey with The Next Forty Days.