Acts of Kindness and Homeless/Houseless Care Package Initiative – The Recap

Posted on December 28, 2012 by Slim

What an awesome journey that our “Acts of Kindness” was! When we started down this road, we knew that we wanted to take on this sort of challenge and truly think about others and put them first.

The reality is that in spite of our own shortcomings and financial struggles, we’re REALLY blessed people. We have two cars, great jobs, we live in a house and always have food on the table. Our bills are always paid (most of the time…) and we’ve got several really great friends. I don’t say that to say “look at our awesome life!” I say it so that we can all begin to realize that the things we have and the people we have in our life our GIFTS! They’re BLESSINGS!

Once we begin to see just how amazing our lives our, even through our struggles, we can begin to see true need in our community and understand ways the help and give back.

Through your love, support, and donations of time, energy, and resources, we were able to reach much farther than we could on our own. We were able to send Christmas gifts and gift cards to a family in need, we were able to pay down a couple layaways at our local K-Mart, provide dinner for a local firestation, countless small random acts of kindness, and of course our Care Package initiative for the local homeless and houseless community.

Thanks to a very generous donation from Life’s A Logo, a local print-shop, we had 100 backpacks to fill up with hygiene, snack, and clothing items for some folks who really needed it out in the cold wintertime. And thanks to YOU we were able to fill these backpacks up!

After doing a lot of shopping around, we decided that when buying in bulk, we would be able to be most efficient at WalMart. So, we headed that way!


Our sweet new friend, Naomi, was VERY patient with us as we unloaded hundreds of items onto her checkout station. She, like many around us, were curious about what we were doing. She was really blown away by what we told her. She became even more excited to check us out then. It was very encouraging to see!

The Customer Service Manager, Raydel, was so blown away by it all that he even came over and knocked 10% off of our entire purchase! That gave us enough to fill up a few more bags! Naomi said that she had never seen a receipt that long before and even clapped when it came out. We asked if we could take a picture with her, to which she couldn’t have said “yes” fast enough! After the picture, she hugged us both and gave us each a kiss and thanked us for what we were doing. It definitely brought us both to tears.

From there, we headed off to pack up all these backpacks with these items from WalMart, item donations for you folks, and a huge donation of KIND Bars from KIND Snacks:


After filling up the bags, we headed downtown. Because these bags weigh about 8lbs each, we figured the best way to carry them around was to strap them on me like a donkey and walked around.

We got a lot of help from folks to help us locate where we could find a lot of the local homeless and houseless community. The spirits of these folks were beyond lifted as they were giving something that we wouldn’t really think twice about. It was really awesome to be a part of helping to make their day just a little bit brighter. While this in no ways FIXES the issue of homelessness, it definitely helped to provide at least a little bit of comfort this wintertime.

Words cannot express how it made us feel to think about others and truly meet their needs when they needed it most! While it may seem like everything we did was money-related, in actuality we did a whole lot more than what was mentioned above at little to no cost. You can definitely take on a challenge like this without having to break the bank or spend 40-days raising funds for it.

It’s easy to do a little bit of good… you just have to look for the chances that are all around you.

“Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.” ~ Sally Koch

Thank you all again and again for all that you did to help our mission. We’re forever grateful! Today, go do something for someone else… the outcome might just surprise you!

Peace, hugs, and MEGA love,