A New Member of the Family!

Posted on January 8, 2015 by Slim


I usually try to refrain from blowing up my relatives and friends on this page, however the birth of my new baby nephew definitely merits some bragging. ;-)

I posted this earlier on my personal page, but wanted to share my excitement with all of you as well:

“My little nephew had to wait for the first snow day of the year to come into the world. But alas, he’s here!!! Mr. Avett Lee Rocket Carter, 9lbs, 20″ born at 5:22pm on January 7, 2015 after an incredibly short labor.

This dude isn’t even a day old and he’s still more awesome than pretty much everyone I know.

Haley [my baby sister] and Luke Skype called us last night so that we could see him. Haley must be the most graceful new mother ever! She was acting like she didn’t even.. y’know.. just have a kid… Haha… Handled it like a boss! Baby and mommy are both healthy and happy, under the care of daddy’s watchful eye.

If I may:

Dear Avett,

I’ll be the first to admit that this planet can be strange at times. Life will not always end up as you plan it, but I will tell you this: if you work hard, roll with the punches, and use what you’ve been given to help those around you, you’ll end up right where you want to be, young man.

Your mom and dad are two of my very best friends. They’ll never steer you wrong. Trust me.

Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and for what is right and when given the option, always choose love.

There will be plenty of people that will tell you otherwise along the way, but truly I tell you this world is a beautiful place, and while you may not know it yet, you are the world’s most precious gift. Don’t waste it. Change the world, nephew.. I know you will.

Welcome to the party, Rocket! Strap in, ’cause it is going to be an awfully fun adventure!

Love you, buddy!
-Your Ride or Die Uncle Slim”