Video Update – January 1, 2015

Posted on January 2, 2015 by Slim

Due to some technical issues (read “my spit wasn’t strong enough to stick the suction cup that our camera was mounted on to the windshield…”) our first update of 2015 and our first update in a few months is in two parts. Watch them above or continue reading for the blog version.


It’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it? I think our last update was back in August. Since then, I’ve received many messages from people that were concerned that I was stuck in a ditch somewhere or just completely off track. In reality, there’s a little bit of truth to both of things, however there’s not really that good of a story behind it. Truth is, I got so busy that I had to let a few things kind of fall to the way side for a minute.

With just my career, I stay insanely busy. Too busy for hobbies usually. This past year, after taking nearly three years off from performing and entertaining, I started to feel the urge to be on stage again. I decided that I would start to get my chops back to where they needed to be and put out a plan to put a new band together later in 2015. Apparently life, the universe, or whatever cosmic being you subscribe to had other plans.

My former singer from FELLOWBLISS walked in the door to one of our favorite restaurants. She was there to play music that night. Since Sheena, my older brother Bishop, and I were all in the same room together for the first time in years, we thought “hey, we should play some music while we’re here!” Sheena invited us up on stage with a plan to perform 3 or 4 songs. We ended up performing for 3 to 4 HOURS that night. After seeing the kind of tips that we brought in, we realized that we may have just stumbled on to something and thus “GypsyNative” was accidentally born.

From there, I began to get even more busy. I didn’t really have time to be performing 1-2 nights a week right now, but I also needed the money, so I found myself in a bit of a “catch 22″ as it were. As I started to get busier, I found it harder and harder to keep all the plates spinning that I need to, and some of my ventures began to suffer.

In September, I found myself incredibly ill for over a month. I mean… ill. Like… really ill. I genuinely thought it was the end of me.

I was already slowing putting weight back on due to focusing more on my busy schedule than my health and fitness. I went from the 380lbs that I had worked so hard to get to, back to 430lbs before I was put on heavy duty steroids and antibiotics. In a month, I gained 35lbs from the medications. Naturally, it was a bit heartbreaking for me. As I tried to climb out of the funk I had been in, it became more and more apparent that after spending a month not being able to work to my fullest potential, I was dreadfully behind in aspects of my life and work.

I was faced with the reality that I would have to put several things on hold until I could get my life straightened out.

My clothing line got put on hold, my monthly gathering of bearded fellas got put on hold, and sadly even The Next Forty Days had to be put on a back burner as well…..

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes though, we’ve finally caught up enough to relaunch one of our biggest passions!

We decided to scrap the season of TN40D that we were in and just reboot the whole project. What better time to do that than now… the beginning of a new year!?

We’re relaunching with physical challenge: 40 Days of Diamond Cutters! For the next forty days, we’ll be doing the 50+ minute DDPYoga “Diamond Cutter” workout every day!

This challenge will really stretch us, as we’re only in the second day of the challenge and are already having a bit a difficulty with scheduling considering my performance calendar being slammed this week. As of writing this, I’ve just finished my time on the mat today. I’m feeling great, motivated, and truly inspired!

The timing of challenge couldn’t be any better, as I was recently asked to stand up with one of my dearest friends, professional MMA cage fighter, Bryce Lawrence, as he marries his fiance, Brooke (yet another incredibly good friend of mine.) I made a vow that I would fight with everything I have to weigh less at his wedding in April than I did at mine! I weighed 370lbs at my wedding, and as of this challenge I’m 430lbs (thankfully I’ve already lost the weight that the medications put on!) so this is going to be a pretty serious challenge to lose 60lbs in just a few months.

I’m committed though. I know that I can do it!

I’m also really excited for the challenges that we’ve chosen for Season 3.2 of The Next Forty Days:

January 1 – February 9: 40 Days of Diamond Cutters
February 10 – March 22: 40 Days of Love
March 23 – May 2: 40 Day Food Drive
May 3 – June 12: The Awesomebox Challenge
June 13 – July 23: 40 Days of Freedom
July 24 – September 2: 40 Days of Compliments
September 3 – October 13: 40 Days of Art
October 14 – November 23: The Bucket List Challenge
November 24 – January 3: The Acts of Kindness Challenge

For more information about each of those challenges, click on the “Schedule” tab above!

This is going to be a great year, friends… if you allow it to be. ;-)

Buckle up, kids… this is gonna be a wild ride!

Peace, snugs, and MEGA love,