An inspiring note from a TN40D’er and our new #ChooseLove t-shirts!

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Laura

We wanted to share this incredible story from one of our favorite people on the planet, Nichole Rheiner. Nichole posted this on her Facebook page last night:

“Tonight was a total win. My son and I went to Target to grab some groceries and found an awesome smartphone coupon for $10 off. When we got to checkout, the sweet lady in front of us was rationing groceries with the cashier asking how much each item would add to her total, and ended up leaving a few things behind. Instantly thinking of Slim and Laura’s The Next Forty Days kindness challenge, I asked the cashier to add the items to my bill, threw them in a bag and told my son to run after her and explain she’d forgotten a few things. He smiled ear to ear giving her that bag, and then we jammed out all the way home to No Sleep til Brooklyn and Pinball Wizard. I am so thankful that I had a few extra bucks and even more thankful for my son Zac, who probably has the best personality on earth, especially for a 13 year old. Love you son. Thanks for helping me #chooselove

We’ve been so inspired seeing so many people embrace the #ChooseLove mentality and partake in #RandomActsOfKindness with others around them! This story was the final push that we needed to launch our new shirt a little earlier than we had been planning.

You can pre-order our new “Choose Love” shirt here:

These are available in S-6XL and Ladies S-XL. The pre-order price is just $18, and if there is enough interest we will stock them year-round (although the price will go to $20-25)

For those concerned, we don’t actually keep any money from the sale of these shirts. The proceeds will go directly to help people and families in need this holiday season. Think of it as doing an act of kindness and having a shirt to show for it.

We hope you like them! Be sure to share this story and picture and tag your friends!

Choose love today, friends!
<3 Laura