ACT OF KINDNESS: The meaning of life and “the tip.”

Posted on November 12, 2013 by Laura

It is important that say early on that during our 40-Days of Kindness challenge, we’ll be posting a lot of pictures and updates about things that we are doing. These are meant to give you ideas and inspire you, not to make ourselves look good or to brag.

Many of our “Acts of Kindness,” (whether they be planned or random) will remain anonymous and kept of the page, but there will be plenty that we post up. Please understand our hearts as we post about this challenge: we aren’t posting for the recognition, but rather an effort to encourage you to stretch yourself in acts of kindness to others this holiday season.

With that being said, last night Slim took me out for a nice dinner for my birthday. We LOVE Ruby Tuesday for some odd reason, so I chose to celebrate there.

The hostess said “if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask me!” In typical Slim form, Slim cocked his head to the side and asked our hostess what the meaning of life was. She was clearly caught of guard and simply responded “I don’t really know, actually.”

Slim smiled and said, “well, I’ll tell you. It’s love. All of life is about love. Love of yourself, others around you, strangers.. we were put on earth to love each other and bless those around you.”

She was clearly creeped out by my neo-hippe hubby, but you could see it actually sank in her head a bit.

After a nice meal, we got the check. Slim smiled at me and I knew instantly what he would do. He had already hugged and thanked a couple veterans for their service, stopped by a local Starbucks to pick up coffee to surprise a friend at work, but apparently his acts of kindness weren’t done for the day. He left our server a nice tip and scribbled the words “CHOOSE LOVE” on the check before walking out.

We hope that our server was blessed, and that she would pay it forward to someone else as well.

Today, choose love. Choose to look for ways to help someone in need, or to just put a smile on someone’s face.

Slim mentioned yesterday that we would be issuing daily challenges to help you find ways to bless others with an act of kindness. Today’s challenge is simple: smile at everyone you see today, and go out of your way to compliment them. It could be on their smile, their shoes or outfit, whatever the case may be just make someone feel special today.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us! We love you! <3 Laura