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The Buzzards

Posted on 06/20/13 by Laura

I know what you are thinking… are they honestly thankful for birds?  If any of you know me well, you would know that no, I am not thankful for birds, especially big scary birds like Buzzards!

I am, on the other hand, EXTREMELY grateful for some of the greatest people that Slim and I have ever met.

Here is a bit of their back story.

Sarah Buzzard met Slim just before we got married.  She was starting to get very interested in graphic design and a mutual friend introduced them because of their common love for design.  Slim came home the first night after meeting her and told me that he couldn’t wait for me to meet her.

A few weeks later, we went out to lunch with Josh and Sarah along with her toddler son Zach.  I knew right away that we would be great friends!

As a matter of fact, we were getting married the next week and we invited them to our wedding, knowing full well that it was weird to invite people you hardly know.  There was just something different about them.  I knew that they were something special.

Almost 6 years later, I am so thankful that I trusted our instict to pass along that invite.

For about 3 years, they were our weekly date.  We would go to their house for Buzzillian (Buzzard Gillian) events.  We would laugh until we cried.  They are just such fun people.  They are brilliant.  Sarah is super creative and stylish.  Josh is an incredible chef and such a talented musician.  Josh’s son Taylor is an amazing athelete with such a fun personality, and Zach- there is so much to say about him.  He is probably the smartest child I have ever met.  He is one of those kids where when he says something, I just take it as authority because he truly knows better than me.

Unfortunately a few years ago, they needed to relocate to the other coast.  I was heartbroken, but knew it would be best for them.   We haven’t let the distance come between us.  Even though sometimes it is months between visits, we still do our best to connect with them on a regular basis.

So today, and everyday, I am super grateful to have such wonderful friends!


Oh So Grateful!

Posted on 06/05/13 by Laura

Growing up in Syracuse, NY I never really looked outside and thought, “wow, I live here.”  Don’t get me wrong, it was a fantastic place to grow up, we had all four seasons, amazing food, and family was always a priority.

Living in SW Florida, though, that is something different.


10 years ago, almost to the day, I made the 20-something hour drive from Long Island, New York to Naples Florida.  My friend and future roommate flew up and made the trip with me, and I am sure that I said nearly 100 times during that trip- “I cannot believe I am moving to Fl.”

You see, Florida was always a place, in my mind, where people vacationed.  I never really thought that people actually lived at the beach, but here I am 10 years later still voicing those words.  “I cannot believe I live here.


Many mornings, as I walk out the door, I am amazed that there are palm trees.  You might laugh, but it is just the coolest thing to me.  Sanibel

Tropical flowers grow here, year round, and the colors of the sunsets are spectacularly breathtaking.





So today, as we begin 40 days of GRATEFULNESS, Slim and I both, are extremely grateful for where we live.

For a long time, Slim detested this place.  Until just this last year, every time someone asked him about living here, he would say he hated it.  He hates the heat, he hates the sand, and he hates the humidity.  This last year, though, has given him a totally new outlook.  He now appreciates this place for its beauty and is starting to understand why people come and vacation here.  (I am still working on him loving the beach- in time, in time.)




Posted on 04/05/13 by Slim

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 7.47.52 PM

Oh… look what we just stumbled upon on the internet… could it be true? Yes it is! Our webstore is now officially up and running and taking PRE-ORDERS for our official merchandise.

As a reminder, this past season of The Next Forty Days, we took on an “Acts of Kindness” challenge that we placed right over Thanksgiving and Christmastime.

For this challenge, we raised funds to:
• help pay down utility bills for seniors who couldn’t afford to turn their heat on during winter
• pay down layaways for families in need
• feed local fire stations
• feed and clothe the local homeless community

This coming season (beginning April 26, 2013) we’ll be taking on the same challenge, but instead of raising funds during one single challenge, we’ve decided to raise funds year-round for this project!

The proceeds from every single piece of official TN40D swag will go DIRECTLY to the “Acts of Kindness” challenge that will fall over Thanksgiving and Christmastime again this year.

Again, we ain’t keepin’ a cent, so as you make your purchases, know that you’re helping to really impact a lot of lives, and make your own life better in the process!

Stop by our store at: and sniff around a bit. New merchandise will be added in the future, but we think we’ve put together enough to hold you over for now. ;-)

Enjoy! -SnL

This crazy journey has finally become real…

Posted on 02/21/13 by Laura

It was finally real to me.

8 months in, and this adventure that Slim and I are living was finally real.

Picture this with me-

It was a balmy Monday evening in January. Slim and I were meeting up for dinner – We decided on a local Thai restaurant that was not one we frequented.   By the time I pulled up, Slim was waiting outside for me.  As is his typical fashion, Slim held the door for an older man who walked in to make a take-out order.

I didn’t really think anything of it as we greeted each other and sat down to eat.  A short time later though, that same man who entered the restaurant ahead of me, approached our table.

First let me say that this sort of thing has happened for the majority of Slim and my marriage.  Being that Slim is a local musician and personality  and pretty recognizable – somewhat of a local celebrity –  he gets stopped pretty much everywhere we go by people asking “Hey, are you THAT guy,” or “Wow, you’re Slim!!”  I have come to know accept it and not see it as strange.

As the man began to speak, he apologized for interrupting our dinner, and started,  “I know you.  Aren’t you…?”(my brain finished this sentence- “that guitar player” as I have heard it thousands of times before- but the way he finished his question was different than ever before.)   “Aren’t you from The Next Forty Days? “

As I picked my jaw up from the floor, I listened as he told the story of how we brought food to his men at the fire station during our “Acts of Kindness” Challenge… see he wasn’t there that night, but he was there the next day as the guys were talking about TN40D which lead him to our website.

So that part was so exciting, but the next words that came out of his mouth changed my life forever.  He said, “I have spent time looking through and investigating The Next Forty Days, and it has really gotten me thinking of how much change I can make in my own life.”

The rest was really a blur because in that moment, it was finally real to me.  Every sacrifice Slim and I have made; each 40 day challenge we have completed- it was all real… people are experiencing genuine life-change… it has all been worth it. – LAURA

Slim on DDPRadio | 9-5-12

Posted on 09/07/12 by Laura

Did you miss the chance to hear Slim featured on this week’s DDPRadio? No worries, you can listen right here by pushing the play button the media player below!

Give a listen as Slim talks about being named the DDPYoga “Warrior of the Month,” and shares encouragement and inspiration while talking about some of his victories, and even his struggles! I’m so proud of my sweet husband!!

Enjoy, and make life better!

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