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The Next Forty Days | #lifewiththegillians – November 11, 2015

Posted on 11/11/15 by Slim

We’ve finally returned!! Yay! After having to take quite a bit of time off from this project, and really the world, we’re excited to be back on our 40-Day Challenges, starting with our annual “Acts of Kindness” challenge!

We’ve chosen this day, Laura’s birthday, to relaunch this party and to announce the news about what has kept us quiet for the last several months. Check it out on YouTube here: (click the link if the video doesn’t load)


Ill-Timed Update (or “But Seriously, I Didn’t Have Time for This…”)

Posted on 06/10/15 by Slim

Oh, what’s up friends?!

It’s been some time, I suppose! As most of you know, a couple months ago we posted an update letting our fans, friends, and followers know that we would be hitting the pause button on The Next Forty Days project. While we believe so much in our fun little idea (mostly, y’know, because our lives have taken a full 180-degree turn for the better), the reality is that we’re both so tied up at the moment to give this project the attention it needs.

We also made a promise to update all of you when we had time or something to say. While I admit there’s been moments of down time when I COULD have penned a little note, I just didn’t really have anything to say. Odd, I know, for a guy that *seems* to have much to say.

Recently though, I broke a small milestone for me. I had plans to share the news this weekend. I got a message though that sidetracked those plans a bit.

I’ll be the first to admit that my sarcastic response wasn’t likely the best course of action, but it’s the best I could do without being a megadouchenozzle. Sadly, this isn’t the first of these messages I’ve received in the last couple weeks.

I figured that since I spent the time to respond, I would share in hopes to update everyone and of course avoid more emails like this. ;-)


While I wasn’t personally affected by this (I don’t actually know the sender, nor have I had any sort of interaction with him, that I can recall… so… y’know… I don’t really care… lol), I was saddened that a message like this could be sent to other people like me: someone struggling with a very serious issue that is incredibly hard to overcome. I can see how a message like this could crush someone, and it hurts my heart to think and be reminded that even when trying to do something great, there will always be others that aim to tear you down.

I can’t help but echo the close to my response below to each of you reading this: “I hope that in all things, when given the option, you would seek to choose love and perhaps focus less on paths of judgement and self-righteousness.”

Life is beautiful. Help others see that beauty instead of displaying that which is ugly.

I love you all and I thank you all in advance for excusing the spelling and grammar issues in this post!!

Peace, snugs, and MEGA love,

#lifewiththegillians – March 28, 2015

Posted on 03/31/15 by Slim

There’s literally nothing you could say to convince me we aren’t fun people to hang out with….

Enjoy this week’s episode of #lifewiththegillians for all the latest of what’s happening in our lives. Watch below, or click through to view on YouTube here:

#lifewiththegillians – March 1, 2015

Posted on 03/03/15 by Slim

There has never been, nor will there ever be a dull, boring day when this gal is around.

Here’s this week’s video update. As usually, it’s full of nothing and nonsense. Watch below, or click through to watch on YouTube here:

Love youse guyses!

The end of one challenge, and the beginning of the next!

Posted on 02/09/15 by Slim

Unfortunately, I got tied up at work all weekend and we didn’t get the chance to film an update video yesterday. Perhaps we’ll film one later this week, or just wait until this coming Sunday.

In any event, I just wrapped up my last workout of this challenge, but certainly not my last workout ever! This has been a really great challenge for me. After the setbacks at the end of this past year, I was very much looking forward to a bit of a reboot! I’m so thankful that my sweet wife fights so hard through these challenges with me.

We started out very diligent with this challenge, before we quickly realized that on performance days (for me), it was increasingly difficult to find the time for a full 60-minute workout. We had to make a slight change to the plan and make a small addendum: for this challenge, we would EITHER do a Diamond Cutter workout or 60 minutes of intentional cardio each day (a couple times, I was actually able to do both!) That definitely made it a bit easier for me to stick to the challenge, as there are days that I work 20+ hours a day, and just can’t find time for a straight hour workout, but found that I could easily do several 5-10 minute workouts!

I saw myself lose two holes on my belt as I completely had to retire the pair of pants that I wear the most. I saw myself start to become even more flexible and even did several DDPYoga moves that I’ve never been able to do before!

While my new found flexibity and lost of inches on my waste are a great feeling, the scale doesn’t necessarily represent the way I feel.

Unfortunately, as many of you that follow my journey have come to know, my body just does not handle antibiotics well. Any time that I have to go on them, I easily gain 5-10lbs per week while on the medication. A couple weeks ago, I went to the dentist for the first time to get some pretty serious issues looked at. He determined that I had a pretty dramatic disaster zone and scheduled me for emergency surgery to have 6 of my teeth extracted, all the while prescribing massive doses of antibiotics in preparation of the coming surgery.

Sadly, just before the surgery, the dentist called to let me know that he was uncomfortable doing this surgery himself on account of how bad it was, and referred me to a specialist.

After two weeks of the antibiotics, I was able to step on the scale the other morning to see “438” on the read out. Despite losing a couple pants sizes and belt holes, I GAINED 8 pounds this past month. As I was talking with fellow Team DDPYoga member, DJ Clark, we came to the conclusion that the gain of flexibility and loss of inches is still a total win, especially knowing how jacked up the antibiotics make me.

I’ve just finished this round of antibiotics, so I’m looking forward to seeing that weight fall off quickly!

I can’t help but think that I’ve lost a month towards my goal of weighing less than 370lbs at the wedding of a couple of my best friends in just a few short months. Despite that, I’m going to keep moving forward the best that I can! Maybe I’ll make that goal, maybe I wont… either way, I know that I’ll be a healthier happier Slim even if I come short of that goal!

With that being said, tomorrow morning starts a brand new challenge: the “40 Days of Love” challenge”, in honor of Valentine’s Day!

For this challenge, we’ll spend the next forty days identifying and show gratitude for things that we really love about our life together. I’m really excited about this challenge as it will definitely help us be more intentional about letting the people and things we love how much they mean to us! What do you say, you willing to take this challenge on with us?

Peace, snugs, and MEGA love,